• Nuttall Gear Bridge and Dam Solutions
    Solutions for the
    Bridge & Dam Market

    Nuttall designs and manufactures
    primary and secondary gear drives used on
    all types of moveable bridges including
    bascule lift, swing, and vertical lift.

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  • Blue-Green-BG
    Westinghouse Reducers

    Nuttall Gear is the only authorized company
    that can rebuild, duplicate, and manufacture replacement
    parts to original Westinghouse standards guaranteed to work.

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  • Metals Market Nuttall
    Metal Processing
    Market Solutions

    Nuttall Gear products are used in a wide array
    of mill applications including annealing,
    pickling & coating, and galvanizing lines.

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  • Spillway Featured News Banner
    Custom Reducers & Gear Couplings
    for Folsom Lake Spillway Flood Gates

    In 2008, construction of an
    auxiliary spillway began at the
    Folsom Dam near Sacramento, CA.

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    Custom Reducers Gear Couplings
  • Pentagon Chiller Plant Speed Increasers
    Pentagon Chiller Plant
    Speed Increasers

    After decades of continuous operation,
    the Pentagon’s heating & refrigeration plant
    identified the need to overhaul aging chiller
    system equipment in 2013.

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    Nuttall Gear Speed Increasers
  • Mass Transit
    Reliable Gearing Solutions
    For Mass Transit Propulsion Drives

    Nuttall Gear is known throughout the industry
    as a leading manufacturer of reliable gearing
    and gearboxes for rail car propulsion systems.

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    Nuttall Gear Propulsion Drives

Nuttall Gear is a leading manufacturer of reliable heavy-duty gear drive solutions for industrial applications.

Founded in 1887, Nuttall Gear developed and introduced single helical gears, one of the most significant contributions to the field of gear engineering. Today, Nuttall is the only global company that specializes in providing complete custom packaged drive assemblies combining both mechanical and electrical components to meet specific customer requirements.

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