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Nuttall Gear Heavy-Duty Speed Reducers for Motor-Generator Sets

August 21, 2013 Aerospace and Defense
Motor Generator Sets

A major manufacturer of motor-generator sets required a heavy-duty gearbox for one of it’s reduction gear gen-sets. Motor-generator sets are primarily used for frequency conversion, in this case, 50 Hz to 60 Hz. The units provide reliable electrical power for applications in the defense, manufacturing and technology industries. These continuous-duty, large-capacity units are most commonly used at US facilities located in foreign countries or at foreign-owned facilities located in the US.

Nuttall Gear speed reducers were selected for this demanding application due to their reputation for rugged construction and reliable performance. The reducer is positioned between an induction motor operating at 1500 RPM and a 1800 RPM synchronous generator. The gearbox features an input range from 400 HP to 1500 HP and a reduction ratio of 1:1.2 nominal. A self-contained, circulating lube oil system with an oil-to-air heat exchanger was required.

Nuttall Heavy-Duty Speed Reducers

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  • Input range from 400 HP to 1500 HP
  • Reduction ratio of 1:1.2 nominal
  • Dynamically-balanced, precision double-helical gearing
  • Self-contained, circulating lube oil system with an oil-to-air heat exchanger
  • Welded steel housing
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