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Custom Flattener Drive for Steel Processing Line

October 6, 2014 Custom Reducer
Steel Processing Line

A large steel producer needed a new gear drive for a flattener on one of their processing lines. Direct coupled to a 500 HP motor, the large gear reducer drives a series of nine de-tensioning rollers that relieve residual stresses as the strip steel gets pulled through them during the sizing of the coil.

Nuttall Gear was selected to provide a custom-engineered gear drive solution over several competitors based on their history of exceeding customer expectations and building heavy-duty steel mill gear drives that last longer than others.

Nuttall engineers designed a drive to meet the customer’s performance requirements including specific center distances between shafts and a unique shaft arrangement configuration. A thorough understanding of the load requirements on the multiple shafts ensured proper shaft sizing.

The custom Nuttall drive featured a 4.5:1 reduction ratio with 650/1200 RPM input and 140/260 RPM output. To meet a special lubrication requirement for this particular application, Nuttall engineers developed a circulating oil system for the upper gearing and bearings that are not submerged in oil.

Custom Flattener Drive

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  • Custom-designed enclosed reducer
  • 4.5:1 reduction ratio
  • 650/1200 RPM input; 140/260 RPM output
  • Fabricated steel housing
  • Motorized circulating oil system
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