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Nuttall Gear Custom Heavy-Duty Drives for the Tamiami Canal Single Leaf Bascule Bridge

January 7, 2019 Bridge and Dam Custom Reducer
Tamiami canal single-leaf bascule bridge The historic Tamiami swing bridge that carries NW South River Drive traffic over the Tamiami canal in Miami, Florida needed to be replaced due to its age. Repeated hits from vehicles and boats since its construction in 1930 also contributed to its deteriorating condition. Because of its historical value, the old 124 ft. long swing span was refurbished and moved to serve as a static footbridge connecting two parks within the city.

The original swing bridge was recently replaced with a single-leaf bascule bridge that will allow improved water flow and more easily accommodate increased marine and vehicular traffic. The new bridge features a pedestrian walkway as well as a bicycle lane.

Nuttall Gear worked closely with the bridge engineers to design and manufacture several new enclosed gearboxes for the bridge. All units featured fabricated steel housings and through hardened gearing and were load tested to 300%. All welds were inspected by an Independent Certified Weld Inspector (CWI). All drives have a 40,000 L10 bearing life at rated load.

  • Primary Triple-Reduction Differential Reducer:
    Input rating: 225 HP @ 900 RPM, Reduction ratio: 12:1
  • Secondary Parallel Shaft Reducer:
    Input rating: 113 HP @ 75 RPM, Reduction ratio: 33.19:1
  • Right Angle Reducer:
    Input rating: 225 HP @ 900 RPM, Reduction ratio: 1:1
  • Right Angle Vertical Reducer:
    Input rating: 225 HP @ 900 RPM, Reduction ratio: 1:1
Tamiami Canal Bridge Custom Drives

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  • Custom-designed enclosed reducers
  • Through hardened gearing
  • Fabricated steel housings
  • Load testing to 300% performed inhouse
  • 40,000 L10 bearing life at rated load
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