Nuttall Gear Key Markets

Nuttall Gear Market Solutions

Key Markets

Custom, heavy-duty Nuttall drives are utilized in a range of key markets including metals, pulp & paper, mining, textile, oil & gas on applications such as extruders, crushers, elevators, water screens, briquetting machines, de-barkers, conveyors, drawworks, recoilers/uncoilers and dredges.

Naval Vessels Applications

Aerospace & Defense

Bridge and Dam Category

Bridge & Dam

Guardian Forestry Category


Material Handling Category Image

Material Handling

Metal Processing Category

Metal Processing

Metals Market

Metal Producer

Shredder Category Image

Metal Shredder

Dragline Mining

Mining & Aggregate

Energy Oil & Gas Market

Oil & Gas

Power Generation Market

Power Generation

Transportation Market


Water and Wastewater Market