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Vertical Lift Bridges

Nuttall Gear

Primary and Secondary Drives

Nuttall Gear Primary Secondary Drives

Vertical lift bridges are utilized when spanning wider channels. Unlike bascule lift bridges that open to accommodate unlimited vessel heights, vertical bridges have a limited vessel height restriction. Typically the weight of the center span required to be lifted is more than the spans of bascule bridge design but requires less counterweight. While vertical lift bridge designs vary significantly depending on the bridge engineers and the responsible bridge authority, almost all require dual matching drivetrains, positioned on either side of the center lift span.

    • Through-hardened or carburized helical gearing
    • Carburized or through-hardened bevel gearing
    • Welded steel housings for strength and durability
    • All welds inspected by an Independent Certified Weld Inspector (CWI)
    • In-house no-load testing and load testing to 500 HP
    • “Buy USA” requirement, including country of origin for the steel
    • ASTM A668 and ASTM A829 key steel stock
    • Premium primers and top coats
    • Easily-removed protective coatings for non-painted surfaces
    • Chemical CMTRs for all components, both rotating and stationary, including gearing, shafts and case material.
    • Physical CMTRs for rotating components
    • Gearing inspected per AGMA 6010-E88
    • Hygroscopic or moisture trap breathers
    • Minimum L10 bearing life rating (typically 40,000 hours)
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