Solutions for the Metal Producer Market

Cold Mills

Nuttall Gear

TDS/HPD Parallel Shaft & Moduline Centric Shaft Reducers

Nuttall Gear Concentric Drive

These reducers are available in engineered package assemblies for bridle roll, scrap conveyors, scrap choppers, and leveler or flattener drives and run-out table drives.



    • Ratios up to 1500:1
    • Single,double,triple,quadruple,quintuple reductions
    • Ratings 6,000,000 in. libs. (677,909 Nm)
    • Custom engineered drives for special applications


    • Ratios up to 985.3:1
    • 11 sizes with ratings up to 250,000 in.lbs. (28,246 Nm)
    • Integral gear motor designs
    • Scoop mounted gear motor designs Horizontal,vertical,ceiling or wall mounted.
    • Available as gearmotor,scoop mount with coupling, stand alone gearbox
    • Rugged durable through-hardened gear design Available with upgraded modular cast iron housing.
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