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Nuttall Gear Releases New Flyer: Introducing Rail Station Escalator Speed Reducers

Rail Station Escalator Speed Reducers

Enclosed Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

Drop-in replacements for popular Westinghouse gearboxes

Nuttall Gear has grown to become a leading manufacturer of reliable heavy-duty speed reducers for a wide range of industrial applications.Nuttall has recently introduced a new line of enclosed helical gearboxes designed as drop-in replacements for popular Westinghouse Modular 100, 220 and 250 escalator gearboxes.

  • Westinghouse Modular 100
    Reduction ratio: 35.4812:1, RPM in: 841/1122, RPM out: 23.71/31.61
  • Westinghouse Modular 220/250
    Reduction ratio: 1:32.39, RPM in: 768/1023, RPM out: 23.71/31.61


  • Carburized and ground gearing for enhanced wear resistance and improved shock load capacity
  • Heavy-duty cast iron or fabricated steel housings
  • USA steel
  • High-quality, anti-friction bearings
  • Extended high-alloy steel input shafts
  • High-alloy steel or hollow output shafts
  • Proven engineered seals to keep oil in and contaminants out

Download Flyer: Rail Station Escalator Speed Reducers (P-8908-NG)

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