Field Services

Your business depends upon the continued operation of your rotating machinery. Nuttall Gear’s Service Division provides solutions designed to keep your rotating machinery in operation. Our extensive experience of 120 plus years in gear drive applications, combined with our manufacturing and design capabilities enables us to provide a single comprehensive source to make sure you are up and running. Our capabilities are not limited to our own design, we can offer a cost effective repair solution for any manufacturer’s gear drive.

The Service Division of Nuttall Gear offers comprehensive and dedicated onsite support designed to keep your rotating machinery in operation. When a gear drive is purchased from us, our commitment to the customer does not stop when the unit leaves our dock. You can rest assured knowing that world-class field service and repairs are only a phone call away. Our extensive experience in gear drive applications, combined with our manufacturing and design capabilities enable us to provide you with a single-source solution for minimizing your downtime and improving your productivity. In addition to our extensive line of catalog and custom products, we can offer a cost-effective repair solution for any manufacturer’s gear drive.

We are a founding member of the American Gear Manufacturing Association and are an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility. Quality and dependability are deeply rooted in every aspect of our organization. Since 1887 we have been providing dependable gear drives for industry. As the former Westinghouse Gearing Division, Nuttall Gear is the only authorized repair center for Westinghouse gear drives. We maintain all original drawings and specifications.

Our commitment to safe practices and superior work is backed by stringent internal safety and quality programs, and the ongoing training of our employees. Nuttall Gear continues to make significant investment in tools and equipment in order to apply the latest technologies to our service offerings.

Our shop capabilities include helical gearing up to 96”. Up to AGMA 14 quality.

Comprehensive services for any manufacturer’s gear drive:

Allen Gear Foote-Jones Nuttall Gear
Amarillo General Electric Philadelphia Gear
Brad Foote Holroyd Renk
Chemineer Flender Renold
Cleveland Gear Hansen Rexnord
Cone Drive Horsburg & Scott Sterling
D.O. James Lightinin Sumitomo
David Brown Link-Belt Western
DeLaval Lufkin Westinghouse*
Delroyd Worm Gear Maag WestTech
Falk Marley Wilson Gear
Farrel Mixco Winsmith

*Nuttall Gear is the sole authorized repair center for Westinghouse gear drives. We maintain all original drawings and specifications.

Field Services Offered


Routine lubrications services, end play adjustments, bearing and oil seal replacement.


Scheduled periodic on-site services to establish condition-based maintenance for critical machinery.


Evaluate the conditions of gears, shafts, bearings, seals, housing and foundation. All field service inspections come with a detailed report that allows management to make informed decisions on maintenance and repair options.


Wet magnetic particle and dye penetrant testing processes to detect surface and slightly subsurface cracks in gearing, housings, and components.


Eliminate machine vibration and premature wear by verifying proper alignment of your rotating equipment.


Specially trained personnel to assist in getting to the root cause of a drive failure.


We offer a variety of cost-saving options, including re-rates for older drives and the ability to redesign and rebuild used drives to meet your expectations.


Record actual torque under operating conditions. Full report provided to assist management in making cost effective decisions on equipment upgrades and repairs.


Covers all phases of repair and rebuild in a hands-on maintenance training program: inspection, troubleshooting, teardown, reassembly, maintenance best practices and testing.


Short-term emergency repairs and long-term emergency repairs can be made on site. Complete rebuilds and overhauls can be done right at your facility.


We have the most advanced portable vibration equipment offered today.


Nuttall Gear can assist you in setting up a Total Productive Maintenance system for our products. In TPM the machine operator is trained to perform many of the day-to-day tasks of simple maintenance and fault-finding. This enables the operators to understand the machinery and identify potential problems, righting them before they impact production.

We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.
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