Testing Capabilities

To meet often demanding moveable bridge drive customer load test requirements, Nuttall Gear has invested in the expansion of their in-house gearbox testing capabilities. As the recognized leader in moveable bridge drives, Nuttall provides comprehensive, cost-effective and convenient load testing in-house.

Moveable bridge reducers can be quite large and need to be tested to very high torque loads. The bridges also have differential style gearboxes that require load equalizing on each output shaft.

Nuttall technicians utilize the latest testing techniques and technology including laser alignment of all drivetrain components, twin dynamometers, and massive, custom-built test stands which allow two 15,000 lb. gearboxes to be mounted and tested back-to-back on inclines up to 75 degrees.

Nuttall customers enjoy significant benefits with our in-house testing capability including:

  • Complete control of the test schedule
  • Elimination of transportation costs to an outside test facility (which can be significant for a 15,000 lb. gearbox)
  • Initial run and diagnostic challenges can be quickly overcome by Nuttall gear technicians without having to remove the gearbox from the test floor, saving considerable setup time.
  • Nuttall Gear can be significantly more cost-effective vs. competitors that outsource testing at an off-site facility.

In-house Testing Capabilities include:

  • Test loads up to 500 HP
  • Test loads up to 6 Million lb-in
  • Differential gearbox testing
  • Incline testing (up to 75 degrees)
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Sound monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Comprehensive test reports to customers specifications
  • Many customized testing options are available
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